Young Scholars Program in Tallahassee, Florida

Every year, 40 high school students from Florida are selected to be a part of the Young Scholars Program, a prestigious math and science program. This past summer, I was offered a chance to be a part of it and engage in STEM related activities while also getting a taste of college life.

Students were assigned to three classes, one from each subject area of math, science, and computer science. We were also given an individual research project (IRP) to work on over the six weeks. The projects ranged from the scientific fields of biomedicine to nuclear physics. At the end of the program, we got the chance to share our progress with faculty, sponsors, and each other. For me the most exciting part of this program was the IRP, since I could engage in cutting-edge research and learn how to use pioneering technology to do so.

While all the science could seem overwhelming, the Young Scholars Program presented several enjoyable weekend activities such as canoeing, visiting Wakulla Springs (the world’s largest freshwater spring), and relaxing at the beach on St. George Island. Also, the residential stay at Florida State University gives students a taste of independence that allows them to get acquainted with college life.

Students coming back from this program end up being more intellectually mature as a result of the wonderful experience. Over the past several years, students from my high school have been active participants of this program, and I hope we will continue this tradition for many years to come.