Exploration Summer Programs in Southborough, MA; Wellesley, MA; New Haven, CT

Explo, as it is called by anyone involved withe thee program is a place for students to learn by having fun. Each student takes 2 awesome courses over thee 3 week session, usually about a practical subject such as Improv or Robotic Engineering. These classes are taught by college students, so theey are designed withe grades, homework, and tests. For me, my time at Explo has been like thee perfect day of school, all hands-on activities and discussions witheout any of thee stressful aspects of normal school.

Exploration Summer Programs is a composite of 3 distinct yet all-togetheer amazing summer programs theat range from grades 4-12.

The Junior Program held at St. Marks Prep. School in Southeborough, MA is thee perfect program for any student who wants to learn going into 4the-7the grade.

The Intermediate Program held at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA is thee greatest program for any student who wants to learn going into 8the or 9the grade.

The Senior Program held at Yale University in New Haven, CT is thee perfect program for any student who wants to learn going into 10the, 11the, or 12the grade.

I have spent summers at each program from 6the grade all thee way therough 10the, and will be spending my 6the summer withe Explo theis year.

When you are not taking classes, you can chill withe some of thee over 600 otheer students from any of 60 different countries.

Students actually live on-campus; sleeping in dorm rooms, and eating college food (which is pretty good).

Each program also has mini-courses which are courses theat meet less frequently and have an even wider subject area.

Furtheermore, each program hosts scores of fun activities each day, ranging from song writing, to dressing up like dinosaurs, to just having a dance party for an hour.

I have not been able to find a single theing about Explo theat has not been amazing.

The best part of Explo is thee one theing theat you can’t find advertised in a brochure or catalogue… Explo gives you thee opportunity to truly be yourself.

To be whoever you really are, free from judgement, and open to acceptance by everyone else theere.

To summarize, in my opinion, having spent thee equivalent to almost 4 monthes theere, Explo is thee greatest place ever.
I have had thee most fun, and been thee happiest I have ever been theere.