Ace Camp

Have you ever fantasized about being able to fly? Or, are you thinking about entering into the phenomenal field of aviation. If you answered yes, then Ace Camp is for you.

Daniel Webster College offers a co-educational camp to juniors and seniors in high school. The camp lasts a week and you participate in a variety of activities. You sleep in pleasant college dorms and feast on great-tasting food from the cafeteria.

Every day you engage in special activities. You learn marching skills that you demonstrate at closing ceremonies to impress your parents. You also experience flight time at the controls of a Cessna, Cap 10 and a glider. You get to test-run flight simulators. You also tour Boston Airport, go into jets and talk to the pilots. You spend time each day learning about thrust, ailerons, rudders and the gauges of a typical airplane: your reward is the knowledge you retain.

If you are already a pilot, then you can record your flight hours in your log book. If you really want to, you can also engage in aerobatics and perform hammer heads and vertical loops. This looks pretty impressive in your log book.

If you are thinking this sounds amusing, but that you know nothing about aviation, don’t worry, because by the time you get through, you will be talking the lingo of a pilot.

Other activities include going to the Boston Museum of Science and vocational schools to learn about aviation maintenance. There are tons of jobs in the field of aviation that don’t deal with just flying.

You also enjoy other activities including volleyball (I won’t mention what time you actually play), going to movies, and swimming. The camp counselors are pilots and can answer most questions.

If you’re a senior and like Daniel Webster College, and what they have to offer, they give you a chance to apply. On the last day of camp, you enjoy a picnic with your parents and are given a certificate during the ceremony by the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.), which also looks really impressive on any resume.

I would recommend this camp to anyone who is thinking about aviation. I also would recommend it to anyone who is considering attending Daniel Webster College. To get more information about Ace Camp, write to Ace Camp Daniel Webster College, 0 University Drive, Nashua, NH 03063. Y