Yale University

One day last February, I visited Yale University, set in New Haven, Connecticut. Even though it is in a city, the campus has huge lawns and is very nice. The architecture at Yale is impressive, ranging from Gothic to modern. One dorm had a very interesting style with the outside Gothic, and the side facing the courtyard colonial, which was quite a surprise.

New Haven has all the advantages and disadvantages of a city. For Yale students, there is always something to do or somewhere to go on weekends, but there are beggars and there have been some incidents of violence and crimes. There is also the choice of other cities since New Haven is close to both New York and Boston.

The dorm buildings are very nice with each having its own cafeteria, sponsoring extra-curricular activities, including intramural sports teams.

The tour was interesting and informative, leading us all around campus, and taking us into a few of the buildings.

Reviewed in 1990