Wood School/ Tobé Coburn Fashion School

New York, NY: The Wood School/Tobe Coburn Fashion School is one of the top schools for fashion design. It is a small school consisting of about 500 students. It offers many courses related to fashion design and also some business courses. In order to get a diploma in fashion design, you must earn a total of 66 credits in two years, but the Wood School has a reputation of teaching their students and helping them achieve their goals. When I arrived, everybody was excited to show me around and they were so friendly, I already felt a part of the school. After graduation there are many career opportunities and they also offer internships.

The school usually bases acceptance on creativity and communication. Tuition for one academic year is $8,395 and seems well worth it for the education you will get from this school.

I highly recommend this school for all of you wanting to go into the fashion industry. n

Reviewed in 1992