Winthrop University

Rock Hill, SC: Winthrop University began in 1886 in Columbia, South Carolina to train teachers. A few years later, it was renamed the Winthrop Normal and Industrial College of South Carolina and moved to Rock Hill. It was a women’s college until 1974 when the name changed again to Winthrop College and men were admitted. Then, in 1992, it became known as Winthrop University. As a result of the college’s origin as an all-women’s school, there is still a rather large difference between the number of women and men (a 5:1 ratio). I know guys will be glad to know that little fact.

Winthrop University has a self-contained campus that does not sprawl over the city like some universities. The actual property stretches across some main roads, but the majority is marked with nice fences, not chain-link or anything unsightly. The campus is very beautiful, with brick buildings and many trees.

Winthrop is a regional university, which means it receives little national attention, but I believe it is one of the best universities. All the colleges in the university are nationally accredited and comparable to what most universities offer: The College of Business, The College of Visual and Performing Arts, The Richard W. Riley College of Education, and The College of Arts and Sciences.

The Dinkins Student Union has been named as the best in the country for activities and clubs, so you can be sure that there will always be at least one club you can get involved in. .

Reviewed in 2004