William Paterson University

Wayne, NJ: Are you looking for a college where you can get a great education in a funand friendly atmosphere? If so, William Paterson University might be just theplace for you.

One of my many college visits was to “Willy P.,”and I must say that the experience was unforgettable. From the moment I arrivedon the campus, the friendliness of the staff and students wasevident.

About 10,500 full-time students from diverse backgrounds attendthe 370-acre wooded campus in the hills of suburban Wayne, New Jersey. Betteryet, it is within an hour of the ocean, mountains, New York City and many otherfun places.

The university offers 30 undergraduate and 19 graduateprograms through its five colleges. It also has two radio stations, TV stationsand newspapers all run by the students.

Highlights of the tour includedthe arcade in the Student Center, the gym where students can work out and, ofcourse, the cafeteria. The food, served buffet style, was great, with much tochoose from. The one thing that disappointed me was the size of the dorm rooms,but what college doesn’t have small rooms?

If William Paterson sounds likewhat you are looking for in a college, you should apply as soon as possible. Ialready have.

Reviewed in 2003