Widener University

How important is college to you?After high school college should be next.The key to college is a better job.You can still get a good job after high school with your diploma but a college degree will set you into saving people in the everyday world as an nurse or make things like an engineer.What is your goal?

Widener University is a university in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania which is about 15 miles south from philadelphia. Widener is a private institution that was found in 1821. Approximately 4,912 students enroll a year with a total of 3,591 undergraduates. Widener offers 40 plus majors and programs.This university is known for their nursing, engineering, law, and business majors and programs.

Widener has 110 acres of land, inside of the campus walls they have lots of trees and little fields. Coming into the school it’s a fencing around it. On the right of the entrance there’s a Widener university sign that’s blue and yellow (school colors). On my visit the student were in class so i didn’t get to see the inside of the classes. Classes are 40 kids max and little as 20. Dorms have 2 bed 2 dressers 2 nightstands and 2 lamps.The beds are stackable with means you can have a single or bunk beds.I used to have afterschool programs and tutoring on campus.Widener is a division 2 college with 22 sports and 80+clubs.Widener has 2 mascots lions Chester(male) and Melrose(female).

There’s a lot of things I like about widener.Widener is the dining is open from 5am-11pm.The dining isn’t the only place you could eat from there’s an 7-eleven and Uno pizzeria and grill across the street from campus.You could go to the Widener has a 24/7 police patrol watch that makes everyone feel safe.Students kiss or put their index finger on the male mascots nose for good luck on midterm or finals.And final I love how you can change roommates do to semester.Me personally I don’t have anything i don’t like about this college.I recommend people to go to this college if they want to major in nursing, engineering and arts, widener has 1 of the best nursing programs in the nation. Its ranked 103 in engineering programs.

Think about widener as an option.Widener used to be an all boys college in 1821 then became a military academy a little later now a university.Widener has 300+ activities a year and 87% of first year students live on campus.Widener has 3 open house monthly.You will need a sat score of 920 and a gpa of 3.5 or higher.For any questions, comments or concerns contact widener today.Anne Beaton well be in the Administrative official she will assist u to the right people to talk to.