Whitman College

Walla Walla, WA: The Whitman campus is breathtaking in the springtime. Brightly colored tulips and daffodils line stone paths and red-brick buildings. A stream runs through the center. As you walk across the quad, students will surely greet you with a smile characteristic of the friendly, accepting ­Whitman population.

The academics are very strong. Whitman encourages personal growth and is truly dedicated to helping students reach their full potential. Students take a core class freshmen year that incorporates a meaningful, comprehensive book list to foster intellectual discussion outside of the classroom. In ­addition, there is a strong liberal arts curriculum. The student-faculty ratio of 10:1 ensures that students have no problem getting to know professors and finding research opportunities.

Whitman students seem most impressed by the sheer number of activities on campus on any given day. Whether you’re in the mood to hear a speaker, or check out a concert, poetry slam, sporting event, or festival in Walla Walla, Whitman provides students with plenty of options. And the outdoor opportunities of the outing club include kayaking, rock climbing, and hiking.

Additionally, the facilities are both beautiful and functional. The dorms are spacious and well-maintained, the library is very impressive, there is a new gym in addition to other new buildings, and the cafeterias are well-stocked with delicious options for everyone, ­including vegetarians.

Students at Whitman are happy; it was rated number two in the nation for “Happiest Students” according to the Princeton Review, and my visit to campus thoroughly confirmed this ­assessment. If you want to push yourself academically, become actively involved on campus, and have a great time, Whitman may be a great place for you. Check out whitman.edu for ­additional information.