Western Maryland

Western MaylandWestminster, MD: Over my spring break, I decided to spend time with my older sister at her college, Western Maryland. I slept in the dorm, ate at the dining hall, and even went to classes to have the full college life experience. Western Maryland is a small liberal arts college, located on a hilltop in Westminster, a small but growing town, approximately one hour from Baltimore.Western Maryland College has a beautiful campus, with large, old-fashioned buildings, and a complete athletic facility. I stayed in Daniel MacLea Hall, also known as the “Honors Dorm.” This building is divided into twelve coed suites, each holding six to twelve students. The other dorms are also well furnished, each with a comfortable lounge. The Englar Dining Hall (known to the students as “Glar”) has what you would expect a dining hall to have: a lot of food (a lot of good food.) There is also a pub for those willing to pay extra for freshly made sandwiches, pizza, and late-night snacks.While visiting, I attended a variety of classes – from Fundamental Concepts of Algebra (a class where I understood absolutely nothing) to Theater Appreciation, both of which I found very interesting. All the teachers that I met were kind and helpful, and the staff at Western Maryland is very knowledgeable and well-qualified. I liked Sociology, which focused on gender differences and the way society treats each sex. My night at Western Maryland definitely did not lack activities. My sister and her friends invited me to play volleyball. The gym was well equipped, with nets, balls, and basketball hoops. There was also a weight room, an aerobics room, a separate workout room (with a television), and a wrestling room (where my sister took a Judo class). Later that evening, I went jogging on the outdoor track and played Jenga in a nearby suite.All in all, I really enjoyed my visit. The school has everything you would expect, and more. The students and staff were very friendly, and I felt completely safe and comfortable on the campus. If you are looking for a college, I suggest giving Western Maryland a try. f

Reviewed in 1998