West Virginia Wesleyan

Buckhannon, WV: First you notice how beautiful thecollege is. Founded in 1890, there are 23 buildings on more than 80acres, with 1500 undergraduates and a student-faculty ratio of 15: 1. Asyou walk around campus, everyone says hi. Everything you need is withina few minutes walk.

Most people look at dining facilities, whichare important. There are a number of hot and cold foods to choose from.You can go back for more as often as you want. I ate while I was thereand it was a lot better than I expected. I have always heard how badcollege food is, but not here.

One thing that is nice about thiscollege is that you get a laptop computer to use. This makes thingseasier. The only thing that you might want is a printer. During junioryear, you get an upgraded computer. All the buildings have Internetaccess, which includes each room in the dorms.

Overall, it is avery nice campus. It is the type of place you wouldn’t mind spendingfour years.

Reviewed in 1999