West Point

West Point, N.Y.: On my visit to “Army” in April, I left with mixed feelings. The campus was absolutely perfect. I am sure I didn’t see one piece of trash or garbage. The fact that the campus is off by itself is, in my mind, a plus. However, the town that is a few miles away is very nice and trip to New York City is not difficult. West Point has about 4,400 cadets with only 400 women. To be accepted to West Point, you must pass a series of physical and intelligence tests. The tour guide also mentioned that you must be recommended by a high ranking politician.

The best part is that West Point is free and you are even paid a small salary (for being part of the Army). After leaving West Point, you must serve at least five years in the service and three years in the Reserves. On the tour, I was impressed by the friendliness of the cadets, the sports fields, and the many places of worship. The dormitories (which are kept spotless) are simple, but very nice. The discipline there is incredible. It ranges from how to line up for lunch to how to fold your socks. The gymnasium has everything from squash courts to an Olympic-sized swimming pool. I am not sure that West Point is the right college for me, but it is definitely worth taking a look at. n

Reviewed in 1991