West Point Military Academy

West Point West Point, NY: If you take a trip up to the West Point Military Academy, it will be the best college visit you will ever take. The scenery is magnificent and the school itself is astounding. Located in the Hudson Valley about fifty miles north of New York City, it occupies almost 16 thousand acres and includes amazing scenery, restorations and monuments. There are Civil War muskets, cannons and other historic weaponry in the institution. From winning battles to losing men in battle, all of the monuments have great importance in people’s lives. The students at West Point learn a great deal, including how to accept challenging responsibilities and problems. Students are very diligent in their studies. They need a high score on the SATs, the ACTs, and must have participated in athletics and other activities. All applicants must be nominated by a member of Congress. The academy’s purpose is to develop cadets into leaders of high moral character who serve their country. By graduating from West Point, one becomes a second lieutenant and begins a career as a leader. The lieutenant must show leadership when taking charge of a situation that may be unbearable at times, but never give up. There are three codes students follow and must live by with great loyalty: “Duty,” “Honor” and “Country.” “Duty” to maintain a passing grade in school and be a leader at all times; “Honor” to represent America and West Point in everything they do. Because West Point is a school of honor and discipline, they will not tolerate breaking the “Honor” code or any other code. “Country” is the code the brave cadets follow to serve their country when called into battle. Taking a trip to West Point will be an opportunity to get to know about one of the best colleges in the United States and may interest you enough to send in an application.