West Point Military Academy

West Point,NY: Students interested in serving our country should consider West PointMilitary Academy as a college option. Founded in 1802, West Point developsleaders of character for the United States Army (who enter as commissionedofficers) and has provided this country with many of its finest leaders in themilitary, government and industry.

West Point is known as the world’spremier learning institution for leader development. The Academy offers awell-rounded educational experience that will challenge a student intellectuallyand physically.

To be considered for admission you must be a United Statescitizen between 17 and 23 years old. Applicants must not be married, pregnant orhave a legal obligation to support a dependent. All applicants must pass aphysical aptitude test, a medical examination and take either the ACT or theSAT.

Interested students should plan to start in the spring of theirjunior year by contacting the director of Admissions and requesting a prospectusand pre-candidate questionnaire.

Admission to West Point is gained througha process of nomination, qualification, evaluation and selection. A nomination isthe legal authority for the U.S. Military Academy to consider a candidate foradmissions. Students must apply by writing to the Vice President of the UnitedStates, both of their Senators, and their Congressional Representative.

Final selection is based upon an evaluation of academic achievement,leadership potential and physical aptitude. Admission selections begin inNovember and end in April.

A West Point offer of admission is a fullscholarship – including room, board, medical and dental care – paid by thegovernment. As a cadet, you are a member of the United States Army and receive anannual salary from which you pay for your uniform, textbooks, personal computerand incidentals. In exchange for your education, you must serve five years ofactive duty in the Army upon graduation and three years in an inactive reservestatus.

Is West Point for you? The best way to find out is to schedule avisit and talk to graduates and cadets. Take a good look at what West Point hasto offer. Students should only seek an offer of admission if West Point seems tomatch their abilities and aspirations. Students who choose West Point seem towant it with all their heart – they know the road will be tough, but the path tofuture success is second to none.

Reviewed in 2002