Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University, a liberal arts college, boasts astrong academic program as well as diversity, a small graduate program and greatresources.

Middletown is a city of about 50,000 on the Connecticut Riverand offers the students shopping and other amenities. The picturesque Wesleyancampus does not seem to be reflected in its surroundings, making the campus aserene, picturesque island within Middletown.

Wesleyan’s facilitiesinclude one of the best telescopes in New England (as is boasted by the tourguides). The University also has an excellent athletic center and a handful ofstudios and buildings dedicated to the arts. Perhaps one of the most impressivestructures on campus is the Olin Library, designed by the architect of theLincoln Memorial, which contains over a million volumes.

Wesleyan’sacademics is its strength; it prides itself on being both a university and acollege. As one dean explained, Wesley-an seems more like a college with its2,700 undergraduates. But because Wesleyan has a number (albeit limited) ofgraduate programs, it is a university, too. Wesleyan offers over 1,000 coursesand retains the small college feel while still providing the wide selection andadvancement opportunities of a university.

Wesleyan’s small populationis diverse, and traditionally academically excellent. The University has goodfacilities, and is only a couple hours from both New York and Boston. It harborsa sense of community, not only of the students themselves, and the faculty’sinvolvement in the lives of students, but also that of the global community.

Reviewed in 2001