Wesleyan University

Middletown,CT: This summer, a friend took me with her to check out one of the nation’s topliberal arts college (#11, according to U.S. News and World Report). All I knewabout it was that it offered my major and was in Connecticut. To my surprise,Wesleyan was very appealing.

Wesleyan’s location is convenient for someonewho can’t decide between the big city and a smaller college town, since it’s onlytwo hours from both New York and Boston.

Another great aspect of theschool is that it’s as big on art as it is on sports. Most schools I’ve visitedfocus on one but not the other. At Wesleyan, someone who wants to major intheater arts doesn’t have to give up an interest in sports.

Somethingelse I found very impressive was student involvement. Almost everything we heardcame from the students. On the tour, we learned and saw things that only thestudents would have thought to share. They also seemed extremely proud of theirschool and happy to be there.

One girl informed the tour group thatstudents who leave, even for one night, miss the school, because it’s such agreat place. To hear this from students themselves made it believable andinformative.

Basically, there’s always something happening at Wesleyan.Whether it’s an exciting sports event, a concert, a show or a student-run event,there’s involvement. Students are proud of their school academically,athletically, artistically and socially. The most impressive part of WesleyanUniversity, though, is that the students can honestly say they love their school.

Reviewed in 2001