Wellesley, MA: Recently I went to visit Wellesley College. The very first thing that struck me about this college was the sheer beauty of its campus. This 500 acre campus is overflowing with natural beauty, beginning with the botanical gardens, green meadows and lakes and ending with its gothic buildings. The college within these buildings is just as intriguing. The people seemed warm and genuinely interested in everyone.There are 2,220 students at Wellesley. The student/teacher ratio is 1: 10, and the class sizes average is 15 to 18 students. The programs that are offered at this school, such as cross-registration with MIT, the 12 college exchange, study abroad, and internships, are extremely impressive. The facilities are very modern, including an Olympic-size swimming pool and specially-designed study areas.

The town of Wellesley is situated just 12 miles from the city of Boston.. Transportation to Boston is convenient, and the opportunities unending. Boston boasts many cultural, historic, and fun activities. There is something for everyone.

I think that the most impressive aspect of my visit to the Wellesley campus was the people. The tour guides were extremely friendly and helpful. The admissions people were undomineering, putting you at ease. To me the people in a school are as importan, if not more importan,t than the school itself. In my opinion, Wellesley has both.

Reviewed in 1990