Washington University

St. Louis, MO: If you want to go to college in a bigcity, then Washington University is for you! I recentlyvisited and was thoroughly impressed. The first thing you seewhen you arrive is a beautiful castle-like building containingthe admissions office, an impressive lounge and a coffee shop.In front of this building is the second largest city park inthe United States (after Central Park in New YorkCity).

The number of full-time undergraduate studentsis 5,100, but when you add part-time undergraduates and thegraduate program, the enrollment totals 11,600 students. Withso many, you might think you would get lost in the crowd, butthat is not the case. Two professors took time to talk with myparents and me and stressed how important each student’ssuccess is to them.

The range of majors also impressedme; they vary from Pre-Med, Business and Education, toChinese, Japanese, Archaeology and Dance. If there is not amajor that fits you, you may design your own.

When youthink of a college dorm room, do you think of tile floors andlittle space? Washington University just completed buildingdorms for upperclassmen that are more like apartments, someeven have fireplaces.

The libraries also impressed me.The law library had a lamp on each table and looked like alibrary at a law firm. The business library had large windows,comfortable furniture and a business-likeatmosphere.

Washington University in St. Louis is atthe top of my list of colleges. It appeals to my desire to bein a large city, but also caters to my small-town nature.