Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis, MO: Right off the bat, I knew Washington University in St. Louis was special. The first building I saw looked like a castle, with turrets, flagpoles, and perfectly cut emerald grass. I was in love!

The student body is amazingly diverse. I took a look at their statistics and found that more than 40 percent of students identify with a nonwhite race or ethnic group. Imagine the diverse culture Washington University must have! Perfect for aspiring writers like me who are looking for inspiration.

Not only are the students diverse, but they are also well educated. Washington University is ranked fourteenth in the nation for overall undergraduate programs by U.S. News and World Report. I would be honored to be accepted into that league of prestigious learners! The school just keeps getting better and better.

In addition to the beautiful campus, great student population, and excellent academics, Washington University is a very responsive and considerate school. When I sent a letter four months ago, asking for advice on how to get into a good college, I mentioned that I was 13, so I didn’t expect a reply. After all, I was only a middle schooler.

But I was exhilarated and gratified when I received a letter with Washington University’s stamp. It included a couple of fliers specific to the information I was looking for. I keep those booklets with me at all times now to remind myself that hard work will get me into a good school. Washington University inspired me just by sending something back. No other school I’ve written to has done that.

After a flip through the guide, I found the tuition: $45,700 per year. I was a bit intimidated by that, but then I read about all of the awesome grants, scholarships, and financial aid available. The university seems centered around the students themselves instead of the money it requires from them.

Washington University is my dream school, and I hope I will be able to become part of its elite society one day.