Washington University

St. Louis, MO: For a while, almostevery week I would get some kind of brochure from Washington University. Theyalways showed the main entrance, which was just beautiful. Usually when they showyou pictures you think the campus can’t really look like that, so when we pulledup to the school, my mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the schoolwas. Every part of it was amazing. Looking at this school you can see that youget back ten times more than what you pay for.

The people were the nicestI have ever met. Everyone tried to convince me to go there, and not just thefaculty or admissions office staff. The students absolutely love it. The onething that stuck with me throughout my weekend was what my student interviewertold me: the best thing about the people is they know how to do well and havefun. When someone has to write a paper instead of going out, everyoneunderstands.

Washington University built new dorms this year that areabsolutely gorgeous, but to tell you the truth, so are the old ones. As I walkedthrough the dorms, I noticed that people are so comfortable with each other thatthey leave their doors open. Apparently the old dorms are more social than thenew ones because when you walk through the dorms people are walking in and out oftheir rooms all the time. In the new dorms the bathrooms are shared by two roomsand most of the time people’s doors are closed.

The new dorms have a cafewhere students can play pool and video games and buy smoothies, wraps, ice creamand other food. I also ate in the cafeteria, which had a deli, salads andStarbucks coffee. There is a large room to eat in with little coffee tables,chairs and a bunch of couches. People were studying, eating and some wereactually sleeping.

The campus is very open, with lots of places to sit andrelax. I knew this was a fun and friendly school when I walked in and saw a groupof boys playing football while, nearby, people were just relaxing in the sun.There were also people sitting on top of one building and studying. I liked thefact that you can study, relax and read just about anywhere.

The schooland people took me in with open arms. I can’t imagine a school having anythingmore than Washington University does – the people, the city I want and the coffeeI like. Last year when some of my friends went to visit the school they came backraving about it. Now I know why.

Reviewed in 2001