Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC: This year, as my sister looked at colleges, my parents decided that they wanted to “kill two birds with one stone,” and brought me on the college visits. Of all the schools we looked at, Wake Forest University was by far my favorite. The campus is the picture image of what you would expect a college to look like: big, brick buildings, colorful trees, bright sun, and constant action. My visit was during Homecoming Weekend, so there were lots of activities. The dorms were the nicest I have seen, as good as dorm rooms go. They even offer the option of “Substance Free” dorms. This means that you are guaranteed to have a roommate who will not wander in at 4:00 in the morning drunk; or if they do, they will be kicked out of the dorm. Wake Forest has a brand-new arts facility, including student and professor galleries. They also have an extensive science program. According to a student’s major, he or she is allowed access to the corresponding buildings at all times.

Included in the tuition to Wake Forest is a lap-top computer which is upgraded after two years. This is one of Wake Forest’s efforts to stay technologically advanced in this computer age. Right outside the university, there are restaurants and shops. If you are into big cities, Charlotte, NC, is within driving distance. Wake Forest is also great for people who are really into sports. The Division I school allows all its students free entry into sports events. Everyone there was willing to help and it seemed to me to be the perfect school. f

Reviewed in 1997