Worcester, MA: This October, a few friends and I went to Worcester Polytech for an annual math meet. After the competition, we were free to tour the campus. Surprisingly, the campus was beautiful and looked nothing like its surroundings. The buildings where classes are taught have an old gothic appearance. The dorm we toured was somewhat small and some of the rooms were messy, but what do you expect from a bunch of college students? We even had lunch in their cafeteria, which was filled with many different foods ranging from health foods to desserts and pizza. Even though there is a great variety of foods, it looks like it could get pretty boring after awhile.

Academically, Worcester Polytech is very challenging. There are three independent projects that have to be completed in every major. The academic year is very different from other colleges. Instead of quarters, there are ten-week periods in which a student takes three courses. In between these ten-week sessions is a one-week break.

Talking to the students at WPI, it sounds like the social life is pretty interesting too. There are many clubs and sports, both varsity and intramural, to participate in. The one big problem I have with this college is that the boy to girl ratio is 4 to 1. But, men, do not let that scare you away. There are ten other colleges in Worcester. One college right next door has a girl to boy ratio of 20 to 1! So all the colleges mix for parties and other social gatherings. f

Review by K. T., Riverside, RI

Reviewed in 1994