Virginia Tech

Blacksburg,VA: Do you like to dance the Hokie Pokie? Well, if you do, I think you shouldvisit Virginia Tech and consider it during your college search.

VirginiaPolytechnic Institute and State University is located in southwestern Virginia ina town called Blacksburg that is nestled among the scenic hills of theAppalachian Mountains.

Many people go to Virginia Tech for its well-knownengineering department. My twin sisters are sophomores there; Erin is majoring inFrench and math and Megan in human development. They are both very happy and havemade a lot of friends, including another set of twins. Erin has pledged asorority, although only about 20 percent of students participate in Greek life.

There is also the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), which trainscadets to be military officers. You’ll see them in uniform on campus as well asdoing drills.

I’ve had a chance to visit Virginia Tech for freshmanorientation and to help my sisters move in. The campus is really nice, witheverything in one area so you don’t have to walk five miles to get to class. Mostof the buildings are made of local quarry stone they call “HokieStone.” This gives the college an old Gothic look which I like.

Thefreshman dormitories where I stayed were typical with two beds, two desks, twoclosets, a sink and a mirror. Bathrooms, showers, a study lounge and akitchenette were down the hall. Most freshmen make their bunks into loft beds formore space. The housing for upper-classmen is probably fancier, although Ihaven’t seen it. Erin and Megan are living off campus and next year Erin will bein her sorority house.

Any guys out there like football? Well, if you wantto play at Virginia Tech, you have to be excellent. The team has been in Bowlgames on television and the quarterback of the Atlantic Falcons, Michael Vick, isan alum. If you just like to watch football, you’re in for an awesome experience.My sisters told me that football games are a lot of fun, and they rave about theband making different formations like the state of Virginia and the letters V andT. The stadium is awash in the school colors of orange and maroon, and they playthe Hokie Pokie at half-time.

I am really glad my sisters are enjoyingcollege life and found a college that suits them. I am not sure if I will go toVirginia Tech, but I am definitely going to apply!

So, have you figuredout what the Hokie Pokie has to do with Virginia Tech? If you ask any student,they’ll say, “I’m a Hokie!” The Virginia Tech mascot is the Hokie Bird… a turkey with attitude!

Reviewed in 2003