Virginia Polytech

Blacksburg, VA: After having visited numerous colleges over the summer in my seemingly endless quest for the “perfect” school to match my interests and personality, I would have to say that by far the most energetic and enthusiastic institution that I encountered was Virginia Polytech. Balancing challenging academic courses with a fun-loving attitude, the environment there represents the ideal college atmosphere for virtually any prospective student.

The campus itself is composed of a beautiful blending of old and new, with traditional stone buildings masking the state-of-the-art facilities within. Professors’ doors are always open to visitors and the overall sentiment is one of a relaxed friendliness. Exploring the engineering building with my parents at the end of the regular tour, we decided to drop by the dean of Engineering’s office on the chance that he might be there. Not only was he in his office, he took time from his busy schedule to sit with us for a half-hour to discuss the school and its programs, even though we had not arranged an appointment beforehand. After having witnessed the aloof and often condescending manner of many universities’ professors, I was quite surprised and impressed by this affability.

Apart from the academic side of Virginia Polytech, the students I met spoke very highly of the social side of university life as well. The Outdoors Club is active at the college, often going on hiking excursions in the nearby hills. Football is the main sport with the much loved (though unidentifiable) mascot “Hokie.”

Located in a college town in the midst of a breathtakingly gorgeous landscape, Virginia Polytech offers a wealth of opportunities to anyone who desires a fun-loving, intellectual environment of camaraderie and team-work. f

Reviewed in 1997