Virginia Military Institute

Lexington, VA: Virginia MilitaryInstitute (VMI) is in the small town of Lexington and has avery strong tradition with ideals of honesty, discipline,integrity and pride.

Academics at the school aremoderately difficult. There is always the opportunity to getextra help or tutoring. The military aspect of the college iswhat makes it one of the most difficult colleges in the UnitedStates. It is also one of the most respected.

If youdecide to attend VMI, there are many strict rules andregulations a cadet must follow. Some include that, as afreshman, you are not allowed to leave campus except forholidays. There is a book each freshman receives that theymust memorize. Freshmen are called “rats” by therest of the school. Each cadet must pass a physical fitnesstest and run three miles every other day.

VMI’sdemanding academics and military-style life make it one of themost respected colleges; its graduates have no problem findinggood jobs. Approximately 95% of its graduates are employedwithin a year of graduation. Anyone who attends VMI is in forthe hardest challenge of their life, but if they get throughit, the benefits will far outweigh the hardships.