Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University is located in the center of Richmond. VCU is a large college. Dorms are co-ed and scattered throughout the campus. Dorm life at VCU varies by your tenure. You can choose where to live from your sophomore to senior year. VCU dorm life overall has great living conditions.

VCU offers many academic opportunities for many different subjects like engineering, medical, and technological opportunities. VCU offers many athletic opportunities in many different sports. VCU has a Division 1 sports team in baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and wrestling. VCU also has a great training gym that offers an Olympic sized swimming pool, rock-climbing wall, and many other gym equipment.

Students at VCU were very busy because they were all in a hurry to get to class. VCU seems like a different college because of the surrounding city. VCU is a different college because it is in the capital of Virginia; it has a large student body, and a very helpful staff.

-Large student body
-In the city
-Public college
-More funds to do extracurricular activities
-More professors and more variety of classes
-Large campus
-Cheap tuition

-Bad for students who like smaller class sizes
-Less individual learning
-More people
-Busy College

VCU is suited for a “city-slicker” who enjoys a large student body and likes to learn in a big class. Also someone who would take advantage of all the opportunities both academic and extracurricular VCU offers.