Villanova, PA: Looking back on my first college tour, Villanova University was my favorite school. It’s a small, private, Catholic university with friendly students and a real sense of community.

Villanova was recently ranked first in one of the categories of universities by U.S. News and World Report. With 6,000 undergraduates they are able to keep the class size relatively small. The ratio of students to teachers is 13:1.

The students are very spirited and involved in the school. It’s hard not to be with so much to choose from. From the 130 clubs and organizations to the wide range of varsity and club sports, Villanova has something for just about everyone. By the way, at Villanova fraternities and sororities are just another group to belong to, because no groups have separate housing.

Located in the town of Villanova, Pennsylvania, Villanova University is a short drive/train ride from a large, upscale mall and urban Philadelphia.

The two things that made Villanova my favorite school were my wonderful tour guide and my participation in the 10:00 mass on Sunday night. This is a chance for all students of any religion to participate in a weekly Catholic mass. This is not only a prayerful time, but also a campus-wide social event that inaugurates each new week.

So if you’re looking for a strong liberal arts college that also offers engineering, commerce, finance, nursing, and health sciences with a small, spirited, urban campus, check out Villanova. I’m sure you’ll like it. f

Reviewed in 1997