Villanova, PA: I visited Villanova University the last weekend in September. It has approximately 6,000 students on a 240 acre campus. It is located 12 miles west of Philadelphia, which is convenient for the night-life. The campus grounds of this small-town setting are well kept and the architecture of the buildings ranges from Gothic to modern.

The town of Villanova is beautiful and the houses are ones to dream of. Shopping malls and grocery stores are just one town, and minutes, away. There is one coed dorm and even though some of the freshman rooms are extremely small, they are all cozy and make you feel welcome. Students are kind and easy to get along with. The student union’s bookstore is filled with necessities and college memorabilia. One fact which may surprise you is that the food was really delicious!

The most memorable aspect of my visit was how well everyone seemed to get along and how happy and welcome Villanova University made me feel. n

Reviewed in 1990