University Of Vermont

Burlington, VT: Scenic, subdued, and academically challenging – these words best describe the University of Vermont. My father and I recently toured the school looking for some information,while in the area. My father’s cousin is a professor/doctor at the University. Since I am planning to go into any medical field and this university is renowned in the New England area for its medical program, I figured this was the ideal university for me.

I could tell that it was going to be a nice facility the minute we got into the Burlington city lines. The university was average in size compared to the other colleges I had been to, but it made up for size with its picturesque view of Lake Champlain and bustling Church Street, filled with dormitories and many restaurants and stores. This University is beautiful and in a secluded area northwestern New England.

After talking to the Director of Admissions, we found out the characteristics a prospective student would need to meet stringent university requirement. The school does not merely look at SAT scores, they also look for extracumcular activities, including sports, student government, community service, and employment. When I found out about this I knew what high school programs were required to make up a resume that would catch the eye of the school. We also found the university to be uniquely diverse, and offer equal opportunity to all cultures. I might also add that every building is handicap accessible, lending itself to those with disabilities.

In order to prepare yourself for a university of this academic magnitude, one must have accomplished a high level of pre-collegiate courses. Three to four years of foreign language is required, in addition to your regular college prep classes. Three to four years of mathematics, four years of science, history, and English are needed. AP and computer classes are an enhancement to your academic resume.

The facilities complement each other in architectural design. The main buildings in the front of the campus are old, colonial, New England-style structures. Most of the dormitories are modern with the exception of the Church Street living complexes. Students must live on campus for two years before venturing into the Burlington area. The facilities were wonderfully kept and uniquely designed, our tour of the Visual/Learning center dormitory proved the inside to be equally as nice. A college student would adjust well to these surroundings, which allowed access to phones, computers, and televisions … basically a big family room!

The school is also famous for its athletic program. The hockey team is nationally ranked, as are the soccer and ski teams. On weekends students occupy themselves at sporting events, hiking, or walking around the Lake Champlain area.

My overall impression of the school is that it provides the complete atmosphere for the college student. It lends itself to the students academic endeavors as well as their craving for the outdoors. f

Reviewed in 1997