University of Vermont

Burlington, VT: My family and Irecently headed north to tour the University of Vermont. Theview was absolutely breathtaking. I couldn’t believe thebeauty of the fall foliage which illuminated themountains.

The university itself is quite large, with425 acres. More than 7,500 undergraduates comprise the studentpopulation. Our tour guide grew up in Burlington and was quiteknowledgeable about the surrounding area and the school’shistory. UVM offers a wide variety of majors from DairyProduction to Biomedical Engineering. There are threeresidential campuses where first- and second-year students arerequired to live. Each dorm has its own fitness center,recreation area and computer lab. Every room has a telephonewith a computer hookup which goes into the campusnetwork.

The University of Vermont is a Division Ischool with 13 varsity sports for men and 14 for women, plusdozens of recreational and intramuralorganizations.

The thing I liked most about UVM wasthat although the campus is immense, the student/faculty ratiois 15:1, which lets teachers to get to know their students ona personal basis.

A visit to the University of Vermontis well worth the trip. I was impressed with the academics aswell as the campus. And, last but not least, the beauty ofVermont in the fall is awe-inspiring.