University Of Southern California

University of Southern California.

Los Angeles, CA: This past June my mother and I flew to Los Angeles to visit my first choice college, the University of Southern California. After reading all the brochures stating that USC’s campus is “a little oasis in the middle of a ghetto,” I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ghetto was actually a depressed ethnic area of the city and not as bad as I expected.

Once entering the campus grounds, it was like being in a “city within a city.” Although USC’s enrollment is high, the layout of the campus is quite manageable with easy access to the various departments, libraries, living quarters and eating areas. The architecture is very attractive and the grounds are very well manicured.

The dorms are known to be some of the plushest in the country, offering air-conditioning, carpeting, telephone and cable hook-ups along with other amenities.

The people we met were all pleasant, informative and very friendly, from the admissions director to current students.

The highlight of the visit for me was a trip to the School of Cinema/Television, known to be perhaps the best in the nation, which produced such greats as Steven Speilberg and George Lucas.

I came away from the visit only more determined to put every effort into obtaining admission to USC. I believe it is a good choice for anyone wanting to attend a large, private university in the West, and the wisest choice for students planning to settle in the Los Angeles area. n

Review by J. S., Quincy, MA

Reviewed in 1993