University Of Rochester

I visited the Univer-sity of Rochester, located in Rochester, N.Y. for three days in February. Although I never saw the sun during my weekend stay, I left the University with a very favorable impression. I stayed at the main campus (the River Campus) where the College of Arts and Science, the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and various graduate schools are located. I opted to take a tour (which was very helpful) and was impressed by the beauty of the campus and its combination of traditional and modern architecture, from the domed Rush Rhees Library and its 50-bell Carillon to the glass-sided Wilson Commons campus center, designed by I. M. Pei. The campus is removed far enough from the city which creates a feeling of a separate, self-contained community, but is actually a few miles from downtown Rochester, which opens all of the resources of a “real city” to students. In addition to the many businesses and industries in Rochester, (including Eastman-Kodak), the city has many cultural opportunities in the form of museums, theaters and galleries as well as places to perform the all-important art of shopping.

Although the Hall where I stayed is co-ed, individual floors varied from co-ed by room to co-ed by section, and all bathrooms were single-sex. Other housing opportunities include special interest housing (such as the Medieval House) to living in the “quad” or living in a fraternity house (there are sixteen fraternities and five sororities). In general, the dorms were well kept and comfortable.

Eating areas were large and offered a wide variety of food. One could eat in the “Pit” at Wilson Commons or on the lower level of Susan B. Anthony. There is even a pizza-delivery service which can be charged to the meal plan!

Students and faculty were very, very friendly. I attended several classes (which, as freshman classes, were large) and several recitations, or smaller group sessions to review homework with teaching assistants. All the students seemed to love U of R and were really happy. There is an abundance of social opportunities on the weekends (beginning Thursday night) which usually revolve around fraternity parties. My most memorable aspect of my visit? Attending a “Greek-god Contest” sponsored by a sorority which had representatives of each fraternity in a male “beauty pageant”,complete with talent, swimsuit and toga competitions! If you are interested in attending the University of Rochester, definitely GO AND VISIT!

Reviewed in 1990