University Of Richmond

Richmond, VA: Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the University of Richmond, located on the outskirts of the city of Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond’s campus is one they can definitely be proud of. All the buildings are brick, and the new buildings blend right in with those that have survived the times. All of the buildings are extremely well maintained. Currently, the University is in the middle of constructing the Modlin Center for the Performing Arts.

One of the most unique programs at the University is the Jepson School for Leadership Studies. Initiated a couple of years ago, Richmond is the first school in the nation to offer a major in Leadership Studies. Students must apply to the Jepson School in their Sophomore year, to enter in their Junior year. All Jepson students, and other students at the University who would like to, enroll in “Foundations of Leadership,” an introductory course in Leadership Studies.

Dorms are not coed, which is part of the “Spider Tradition.” Even though you may moan about this, students at the University say that its a pretty good system. The Student Center includes offices for different clubs, meeting rooms, and a cafeteria called “The Pier,” which overlooks the lake in the middle of campus. Sitting by the lake is perfect just to chat with friends, study, or maybe to meditate and reflect on life. Not to be missed is the Robins Athletic Center.

The people at Richmond are very friendly. The Admissions Office Staff was very welcoming, and both the students and faculty were helpful with all of my questions. One student who was riding his bike by my father and I backed up and asked if we had any questions!!! Talk about being friendly … it was great!

I highly recommend the University of Richmond to anyone who likes to be around warm and friendly people, and wants to attend a university that is excellent both academically and athletically. Be a leader and visit the University of Richmond! f

Reviewed in 1996