University Of Richmond

Richmond, VA: Last year, I spent a week visiting my friend at the University of Richmond. This was planned as a social visit, but I fell in love with the school during that time. When I first arrived at the university, I was stunned by the beauty of the campus. The classic brick buildings, the open grassy quads, and the beautiful lake in the center fit the image of the ideal college campus.

I spent the following morning exploring the gorgeous campus and speaking with students, who were all incredibly friendly. Everyone I met offered to show me around, or to bring me with them to a class, or answer my questions. After seeing the school and meeting the students, I knew that I could be very happy spending four years here. I know that you can’t choose a college based on appearances alone, but the more I learned about the school, the more I realized it was perfect for me.

Personally, I feel that smaller classes and good teacher-student relationships are essential for a good education. However, I want the opportunities that a larger school offers. I attended two classes and was very impressed with how they were run. Although the school itself is not tiny, the classes are very small and personal. In one class, called CORE, which all freshman are required to take, they sit around a table and have an open discussion with the teacher. They focused on modern literature and strengthening their writing skills. They had an interesting conversation in which everyone participated, and I saw the professor speaking with each individually about their progress writing a paper. In a Spanish class, which was also very small, I was welcomed to participate, and found it a very relaxed, but constructive learning environment.

Academically, the University of Richmond is outstanding. It has all the benefits of a larger school, with nice dorms, modern equipment, and new facilities, yet still offers the personal attention of a smaller college. I’ve seen many colleges and liked quite a few, but am most impressed with the University of Richmond. I assure you, anyone who visits the school will fall in love with it the second they step on the campus. However, don’t stop your search there, the more you look into it, the more you will see how much this school has to offer. f

Reviewed in 1998