University Of Rhode Island

Warwick, RI: A medium-sized school with about 10,000 undergraduates, the University of Rhode Island has a lot to offer. It is located on the beautiful shores of Rhode Island, about ten minutes from Narragansett. The campus is filled with trees and plenty of grass, making the campus a wonderful place.

URI seemed to be one of the more well-maintained and organized schools that I have seen. They care very much for their students and help incoming freshmen and transfer students get acquainted with the campus and student life by requiring a class for new students called URI 101. It provides an overview of the traditions at URI, as well as the skills you will need to perform well in the classroom. It also helps you learn how to become involved in the campus community. All classes are taught by faculty with upperclassmen as peer mentors. At URI, there are over 80 majors. If you can’t find what you want here, I don’t know where else you will!

URI is very secure. All students have an ID card to get into buildings on campus. Also, they have two very helpful programs: Safe Ride and Safe Walk. You can call them and ask them to drive you or walk you back to your dorm (or wherever you may be going). Both services are free.

The University of Rhode Island offers an assortment of living arrangements. There are 19 residence halls, some coed and some not. In all residence halls, there are computer labs with access to the Internet. There are also plenty of computers in the University Library.

All of the athletics are Division I, except for football which is Division I AA. If you are not interested in varsity sports but still wish to play, there are club and intramural sports. There are over 30 sports to choose from and over 70 clubs at URI. There is something for everyone. I don’t think one day could go by where you would be bored.

Overall, the University of Rhode Island is a very community-oriented school with friendly people willing to help and guide you through the years. If you think this could be the school for you, I recommend going to see it. You’ll fall in love. f

Univ. of Rhode Island Review by Deirdre G.,

Milford, CT

Reviewed in 1998