University of Rhode Island

Kingston, RI: This summer, I had the opportunity tovisit the University of Rhode Island. I went for soccer camp, but I think I got afeel for college life. The dorm room I shared with another athlete is where Islept and hung out. I ate college food and went to lectures in a classroom. And,of course, I also got to know the soccer fields. The University, founded in 1888,is a great choice for students to consider.

My dorm was pretty nice.Downstairs was a laundry room and a lounge. Each room was designed for twopeople, and there was plenty of space. We each had a bed, a desk and chair, ahuge closet, and a set of drawers. Two rooms – with only four people – shared onebathroom, so if you like privacy, the set-up is great. Although the dorms were alittle old and not exceptionally clean, they were definitely livable.

Forfood, I had a meal card. The food, surprisingly, was great. There was a lot ofvariety to please everyone. They always had a salad bar, sandwiches and manybeverages. There were plenty of tables and seats, and the walk from my dorm tothe cafeteria was only five minutes. The cafeteria at URI gets anA-plus!

My classroom was very modern and spacious, but not so big that thespeaker looked minuscule. The only negative part was that the classroom was avery long walk from my dorm, which could easily be solved by riding abike.

The many soccer fields were beautiful and great to play on. I alsonoticed they were rebuilding the stadium, so if you are interested in football,URI would be a good choice.

The University of Rhode Island costs $4,742for in-state students, $6,394 for regional, and $12,756 for out-of-statestudents.

I highly recommend URI if you are looking for a good college. Ienjoyed my time at the University of Rhode Island, and I am sure you would,too.

Reviewed in 2001