University Of Rhode Island

Kingston, RI: University of Rhode Island is located in a historic village and is a 1,200-acre rural campus. Ten thousand undergraduate and two thousand graduate students attend, with half of the students non-residents. For those students who are not commuters, there are 19 residence halls, 23 houses for the fraternity-sorority system and an opportunity to live “Down the line,” which is a line of summer houses located near the Narragansett Bay rented by students throughout the year.

The college and its surrounding atmosphere are not intimidating – as a matter of fact they are quite friendly and welcoming. There are signs in front of each of the buildings and the campus is divided into sections. Each section is broken down into dormitories, the athletic department and classes. Everything is accessible and within walking distance.

What types of entertainment are available to students? Well, there is just about anything to do! Some students play pool, rent movies, or go to some of the concerts right on campus. Other students travel short distances to visit cities including Providence, Newport, Narragansett or Warwick. But if you are more the athletic type, URI offers the NCAA athletics. The athletic department also offers seasonal sports as well as scuba diving, martial arts and dancing.

How confident do URI students feel about their safety as they walk around campus at night or even during the day? They feel completely safe! All through the campus there are telephones which can be used anytime to either call a campus van to bring you to your dorm (or anywhere you chose) or to call an on-campus security guard in case of an emergency. Plus security cars drive around the campus at night to make sure that everything stays peaceful.

If any high school student wishes to visit the campus, you can call URI to make an appointment for a tour. If students are unable to visit, call or write URI for a booklet. f

Reviewed in 1997