University of Portland

Portland, OR: I had the privilege ofvisiting the University of Portland with three other teens from mychurch for three days and two nights. We ate dinner at The Commons andgot a feel for college life. Monday we went on tours, met students andeven participated in some of the classes. We spent the night in dormrooms with two roommates who were chosen to host us. The University ofPortland is a Catholic university run by the Congregation of Holy Cross.It is one of the smaller universities and it takes just 10 minutes towalk from one side of the campus to the other.

The campus is fullof large trees, green grass, smiling faces, and even rabbits andsquirrels. Since I am from Arizona, the weather was a little cold for mebut it is very green and beautiful. UP is a Division I school, andalthough they do not have a football team, their soccer team is wellrespected. There always seems like something is going on whetherit’s classes, sports, intramurals, dorm-sponsored events,educational discussions, working out at the gym or even Mass.

TheUniversity of Portland has an outstanding college of nursing as well aseducation and science. Everyone I met was happy with their decision toattend UP and encouraged me to apply. Although I am only a junior, UP isdefinitely one of my top choices. I encourage everyone to get moreinformation about it and check out their website: UP has its ownsense of community. They welcome everyone with open arms, smiling facesand pleasant words.

Reviewed in 2005