University Of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA: As you begin your last high school years, and start wondering what the future has in store, one of the most important things that comes to mind is college. Where do you want to go? Why do you want to go there? After much research, I have found the University of Pittsburgh an excellent college to look into.

The most popular majors at Pitt include psychology, communication, and nursing, These are just three of the 84 majors offered. Although it is a difficult school to get in to, statistics show that over half its graduates are immediately recruited by business professionals. The University has a total of 26,083 students, with 16,447 undergraduates.

Pitt is located in downtown Pittsburgh. There are many attractions located in and around the city. For example, the Pittsburgh Zoo is located in the heart of Pittsburgh. For the more artistic student, the Carnegie Museum of Art is just a few minutes from Pitt’s campus. These are just a few of the many attractions that draw students to the city.

There are over 390 organizations on campus, including a drama/theater group and student-run newspaper and radio station. In addition, Pitt offers educational and religious groups as well.

The University of Pittsburgh students pursue self-designed, double, or triple majors, internships, and/or study-abroad opportunities. Many win national and international scholarships. Think through the above information thoroughly, and ask yourself: Do I want to make the best of myself? Do I want to pursue happiness and live out my dreams? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” pick up a brochure and fill out an application for the public, co-ed educational center, the University of Pittsburgh. f

Reviewed in 1998