University of Pennsylvania

Captivating, Refreshing and Diverse are just some of the few words to describe the atmosphere

of the University of Pennsylvania.The University of Pennsylvania was one of the first colleges founded
by one of founding fathers of The United States. This historical background gives the college a lot of
notoriety throughout the east coast. Benjamin Franklin founded University of Pennsylvania in 1740 the
University of Pennsylvania originally started off as the Academy and Charitable School in the Province of
Pennsylvania this school was designed in order to point young males in the direction of business
government and public service. During this time period these two career pathways were very prominent
in the social norms. Today the University of Pennsylvania has gone on to expand the courses they offer
in order to keep up with changing times.

The University of Pennsylvania was one of my first college tours this year. The energy of the city
of Philadelphia is always exhilarating. The buildings, the love, the kindness, the security of knowing you
are in a city of brotherly love is always an amazing feeling. The tour first starts off with you entering the
college hall. This building was a very vintage looking green building the buildings location was in the
outer walls of a very protected “little village”. We walked in and were Immediately greeted by two of
the University of Pennsylvania students. They gave us wristbands this was put in place for security
reasons and so the college could identify that we were prospective students and were not just loitering
on the property. The U of P students expressed to us that our information session would be held in
Irvine auditorium which was very close in proximity of the college hall.

When we walked into the Irvine auditorium I immediately noticed how elaborate the auditorium
was. You could tell that University of Pennsylvania takes a lot of pride in maintaining a clean
environment for its students. The information session was very interactive the admission officer covered
a wide range of topics from the majors offered to the overall experience of a student at the University of
Pennsylvania. When the information session was over we were appointed to our college tour guides this
process was pretty hectic because we were not assigned a specific group we were just kind of broken up
by the row we were in which created a lot of confusion. Nevertheless, we found a tour guide the tour
guide we got was a white male. He started off the tour by introducing himself and telling us what class
he was in.

The tour guide we received was a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. He was very
informative and started off giving us tons of knowledgeable facts about the University. Something you
notice about the University is the very diverse group of students. This was something that really made
me happy because it’s always nice to see a very broad range of races throughout a university. The tour
guide really emphasized how everyone at the University of Pennsylvania felt as if they belonged to a
united group because in the University everyone treats each other with the utmost respects. When our
tour guide was finished introducing himself to us he asked us to sign our names on a paper confirming
our attendance. We were taken to the library we were told to keep quiet because many students study
in the library. The library was very plain but one thing that stood out is from the top floor of the library
there was a phenomenal view of the city of Philadelphia.

After we went to the library we were taken to one of the four colleges offered at the University
of Pennsylvania. The college program at U of P was very intriguing because it appealed to a lot of
interest. Once we were finished the tour I felt as if all my questions had been answered and my overall
impression of the college was fulfilled drastically. The experience at the University of Pennsylvania was
very amazing for me. I would highly consider checking out the college for yourself because maybe this
college could appeal to your own aspirations.