University of Oklahoma

Norman,OK: As the school I’d like to attend, the University of Oklahoma plays a big partin my life. OU offers degrees in many programs, and though I’m not sure what I’mgoing to be, I’m sure whatever I decide on can be learned there.

OU ishome to my favorite football, basketball and baseball teams. I’d love to play ontheir football team, which has won seven national championships. OU’s basketballteam is also fantastic with many talented players. They made the Final Four in2001.

Since Norman is a great place to live, OU’s location is ideal andtheir facilities are good, too. The dorms are nice and large. The campus extendsover 2,000 acres with gardens, flowers and trees.

OU, the best school inthe world to me, ranks first in the Big 12 universities in growth and researchingfunds. It is one of the only public universities (and the only one in Oklahoma)to twice receive the Templeton Foundation Award as a Character Building College.Their many medical centers around the state are among the best in thenation.

Day, night, spring or fall there’s always something fun to doat OU. From chess club to sports, they have over 250 organizations. OU organizesmany fund-raisers to help their school and others. You’ll never run out of thingsto do as a student at the University of Oklahoma! College

Reviewed in 2003