University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN: The University of Notre Dame is rated among the top fiveuniversities in the country, and its law school is ranked third. As atop university, Notre Dame admits less than a third of its applicants,and enrolls more than 50 percent of those offered admission. Notre Damehas one of the finest, and largest, college campuses in America, withlakes, an enormous stadium and the famous golden dome of the admissionsbuilding.

Approaching campus, you drive through tree-linedavenues with statues of saints placed here and there to create apeaceful scene. The univeristy has new dormitories and two golf courses.Notre Dame’s library has 14 floors; on the south facade is a mosaic,depicting “Christ the Teacher” surrounded by saints andscholars. It is perfectly aligned with the stadium so that as you lookout over the goal post, it appears Jesus Christ is signaling atouchdown.

One of the university’s biggest priorities iscommunity service. Students pride themselves on this with more thanthree-quarters active in social services. Ten percent of thebaccalaureate graduating class spend a year or more in volunteerservices.

Notre Dame is a top school that catches the eye ofmany. Hopefully, it just got yours.

Reviewed in 2000