University Of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN: The University of the Notre Dame is a Catholic university consisting of about 8,000 undergraduate students located in the small town of Notre Dame, Indiana. It was founded by the Holy Cross Fathers. Originally it was an all male university, but it turned co-ed in the early 1970’s.

When I arrived at the campus I was taken by the beautiful scenery. The fairly large campus offers comfortable living for the students. Notre Dame is famous for the Golden Dome and the Grotto. The administration building is located in the Golden Dome and is the center of the campus. The grotto is a breathtaking sight with the many candles lit by students and visitors indicating the strong Catholic values within the university.

The campus has two dining halls. One is located on the south quad and another on the north quad which offers students close walking distance to both dining halls. The student union provides the students with many luxuries so they don’t have to travel outside the campus. It has many eating areas including snack bars and ice cream shops. A flower store, hairdresser, barber shop and travel agency are also situated within the Union.

Many strong friendships are made because of the unique dorm situation. A student remains in the same dorm for all four years. The dorms act much like fraternities but all students are automatically initiated. There are several restaurants, bars, and malls close to the school so there are always places to go. Downtown Chicago is only one hour and a half away, also.

Perhaps the football program is the biggest attraction. I had the privilege of attending a football game and it was truly exciting. The school spirit and unity are quite strong. The religious aspect of the University is also quite evident. Prayer is brought into every school activity, unifying and making it not only a school, but a family.

The University of Notre Dame is by far the most impressive college I have visited. I felt welcome from the time I arrived until the time I left. The University offers an excellent education and a wonderful environment to spend four years. I encourage you to travel to Indiana to visit a unique college and the spirit of the fighting Irish! f

Reviewed in 1996