University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN: Anyone looking for a school filled withhistory and pride should start asking about the University of Notre Dame. There,most classes focus on business. In fact, Notre Dame is one of the country’sleaders in business education.

The campus is beautiful, with manyhistoric landmarks recognizable to any Notre Dame fan. When I visited, myfavorite was the Grotto, a cave filled with hundreds of candles, with their waxdripping on the floor. Students go there to light the candles or add to theenormous collection. It’s a really interesting place. The Notre Dame Memorialbuilding is also an amazing experience. Sports fans will recognize the many Rose,Orange, and Cotton Bowl trophies; there are even a few Heismantrophies.

An outstanding athletic and educational history has kept thestudents of Notre Dame proud. A private Catholic school, it also holds servicesfor other religions in the chapel.

There are some disadvantages to wantingto go to Notre Dame. Since it is a private university, it’s expensive. The bestbet is to go for scholarships. This university looks for the very best.Extra-curricular activities and good grades will obviously improve your chance ofbeing accepted.

Anyone who wants to take a giant leap in the rightdirection would enjoy visiting, and, maybe even applying, to the University ofNotre Dame.

Reviewed in 2002