University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN: I recently visited theUniversity of Notre Dame and was utterly amazed. It has a huge andbeautiful campus with a lot to offer both academically andathletically.

Notre Dame has a great program for first-yearstudents. Instead of choosing a major right away, you are enrolledinstead in a well-rounded schedule that suits your interests and doesnot commit you to anything.

Notre Dame has colleges of business,engineering, science, architecture, art, history and others. Notre Damealso has the oldest Catholic law school in the United States.

Notonly is Notre Dame a great school academically, it is also known for itsfootball team. More than 26 sports are currently offered.

Perhapsthe most incredible aspect of Notre Dame is its Catholic environment.There’s the Basilica, the Grotto, and many beautiful statuesthroughout the campus.

Visiting this wonderful college was anextremely rewarding experience for me as a Catholic. The school’smain intent is to give students a Catholic education while encouragingthem to grow in their Catholic faith. See for more information.

Reviewed in 2005