University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is not only a dream school for athletes, but also a great place for an outstanding education. Chartered in 1789, it was actually the country’s first state university. Recently, U.S. News and World Report ranked UNC fifth among the nation’s public universities and 28th overall among public and private campuses. UNC offers a variety of majors, from American Indian Studies to Women’s Studies and a whole lot in-between.

As for soccer, they have one of the best coaches ever, Anson Dorrance. He has taken his team to 18 national championships and is looking forward to many more.

Even though UNC has a giant 729-acre campus, it is located in a nice small town that is always green and beautiful. As athletics are such a part of this well-known college, the staff has put together a very successful student/athlete program with everything from academic counseling to study skills development workshops. These programs help the hard-working athletes stay on track, and also get some on the NCAA academic teams.

Tuition is about $26,000 for non-residents; and 26,000 students are enrolled at this famous college. Not only is it a great school for athletics, it is also academically strong.

Reviewed in 2004