University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a suburban campus in the northern part of the state. The school prides itself on its long history of academic achievement.

UNC-Chapel Hill is one of the most competitive schools in North Carolina when it comes to sports. It is known for its defensive line in football and its sharp-shooting basketball players. But during my visit, I learned that the school is not just about sports. UNC-Chapel Hill is the oldest public university in the United States.

Life on campus is very full, with students doing everything from running The Daily Tar Heel newspaper, planning homecoming events, helping in the community, to throwing campus-based parties and concerts. The school also has a large ROTC program.

The dorms have wireless Internet access and include multiple housing options. There are also many options for eating, whether you’re on the run or sitting to take a break; there are diners everywhere that offer pasta, make-your-own pizza, and even breakfast during lunch. Although the lines may be long, the food is worth the wait.

The University of North Carolina offers 71 majors and is known for its business, law, and pharmaceutical programs. It allows transfers from technical schools, but basic classes are needed. The classrooms and class sizes are large, but the student-faculty ratio remains low at 14:1, with a student population of a diverse 28,000. UNC has a large campus, and many ride bikes from building to building. It has three large libraries that offer computer and technology services.

UNC-Chapel Hill has a lot to offer if you want to study law, medicine, or sciences. This campus is filled with history and community. Its large population and diversity guarantees that you will meet a variety of people. So, if you are a people person who likes large classes, this school is for you.

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