University Of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC: If you’re looking for a great college to attend, look no further! The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is for you! UNC-CH is strong in many aspects, including academics, sports, arts and music.

The first aspect of the school to strike me was the beautiful campus. Rich and green, well-kept and inspiring, I could see why one would opt to study outdoors. The fascinating architecture of the buildings certainly attracted my eye. The Old Well, located in one of the busiest areas on campus, is beautiful as well. It is said that if you drink from the well on your first day, you will receive straight A’s.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions was bustling with eager minds ready to learn of what the college had in store for us. The students guiding the tour were very friendly and answered all questions. They were very helpful in explaining the basics.

The Student Union was crowded, elbow to elbow, with students of all cultures and backgrounds. I must admit I felt a bit out of place among all the young scholars, but the students I met couldn’t have been kinder.

UNC-CH is strong academically, offering hundreds of courses. Known as a highly selective school, its standards are quite high. You must be a well-rounded individual in order to even be considered for entrance. The School of Journalism is one of the five best known in the country. The campus newspaper was voted best.

Chapel Hill is also known for its sports teams. The Tar Heels are famous for football, both men’s and women’s basketball, men’s lacrosse and women’s soccer. In 1994, the men’s basketball team made it to the NCAA Championships and the women won their title in basketball. Go Tar Heels!

Filled with positive people, great opportunities and an encouraging environment, the University of North Carolina is my first choice! f

Reviewed in 1995