University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH: The University of New Hampshire is a large, attractive andinteresting university in southern New Hampshire near thecoast. Durham is a semi-rural town with a variety ofrestaurants and shops. The university has almost 12,000students and 800 faculty. Its ice hockey arena and librarywere recently renovated; new on campus are a track, a gym, afield hockey field, and two more academicbuildings.

UNH has over 100 majors including BusinessManagement, Tourism, Hotel Administration, Botany andMathematics. The student/faculty ratio is low at 14 toone.

The Wildcats gymnastics team was recently amongthe top ten in the country and the ice hockey team sendsplayers to the pros. UNH is also competitive in skiing,baseball, basketball, track, football, soccer, swimming,tennis, field hockey, lacrosse, crew andvolleyball.

There are many activities, includingattending (either free or under $10) equestrian events, dogshows, medieval festivals, Renaissance fairs, ballet anddance performances, stand-up comedy shows andmusicals.

The neatest thing about the UNH campus isthat everything you need is within walking distance: fast-foodand sit-down restaurants, trinket shops, book stores, copyshops, banks and even a grocery store. The Bagelry is ameeting place where students gather to do homework or chat.The campus woods, adjacent to the housing, is beautiful andsurrounds a peaceful reservoir accessible all year round.After a long walk in the woods, you can go straight to theDairy Bar and indulge in ice cream (at an unbelievable price)supplied by the agricultural students.

UNH is a stateschool, and an affordable $7,000 dollars for in-state tuition.Out-of-state students pay more, but they give New Englanders atuition price break. So, if you are looking for amedium-sized, selective college with lots of options in sportsand academics in beautiful surroundings, check out theUniversity of New Hampshire.

Reviewed in 1999