University Of New Hampshire

Durham, NH: Seeming to be locked in among hills and trees, the U.N.H. campus popped out from its rural surroundings with bustling excitement. As my truck sped up and then stopped every few yards along the main street that divided the campus in two, I was frustrated, annoyed, and finally amused at the students who mechanically walked across the road, completely oblivious to the chains of traffic screeching to halts in attempts not to run them over.

The first two hours of my visit were spent attending a small class with fewer than ten students. The students actively participated and the teacher welcomed conflicting opinions and points of view. The students also seemed very eager, enjoying the discussions and analyses. Even though I was unfamiliar with the subject matter, the professor made it fascinating and the two hours passed quickly. Next, I took a tour of the campus, visiting the outstanding science center, and impressive, newly built sports/recreation center. Dorms of a decent size and secluded apartments with kitchenettes and living rooms were shown. When I asked if areas in the budget had been cut due to all these renovations and expansions, students replied that they had honestly not noticed any budget cuts or lack of programs. All the students that I talked with seemed extremely satisfied with the school, academically and socially. I was especially impressed with the activities list, which boasted over one hundred different social organizations. My day ended with an informal interview with a senior. I felt comfortable and at ease within the first minute as she answered my questions and supplied me with additional information. Her responses were very sincere and informative.

I left this fine institution with a positive sentiment, more than satisfied with its offerings and high potential. f

Reviewed in 1996